Kindle Fire Wont Turn On

My kindle fire is fully charged but will not turn on. I have tried the 20 – 30 second hold on the power button to reset it but it still will not turn on. When I press the power button the light will turn green for a few seconds and then turn off without any change to the screen. From what I can tell… Hmm, was there something " unusual " about it earlier? Any scratches on the screen? Was it slow? Perhaps, it's just your charger that's not working. Purchase a new one and then see. I once brought a Android tablet, and it permanently froze one day, I had scratches on my screen, due to my dollar store stylus xD. So it may have done damage to my Android. If you have scratches on your screen, maybe it's the same issue. , Though, honestly, I think it's your charger that's not working.

My kindle fire will not turn on.

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